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Case Study 1

Client: A Midwestern credit union

Client’s Main Concern: Turnover and its costsreducing-turnover

  • Not only was this client concerned about the high turnover rate, there were inconsistent candidate selection
    processes being used between branches.
  • The greatest churn was in the teller position.
  • Trust issues were common.
  • There was a high number of requests for leaves of absence, indicating lack of engagement.

Before the assessments there was a huge fear of the unknown, ie: changing the way things were done.


  • Address & tighten up inconsistencies
  • Implement formal coaching
  • Shorten training time
  • Improve performance discussions
  • Implement a standard evaluation for all employees, from tellers to branch managers


Client Observation: For the client, HR was recognized as an important partner in growing their business.

Outcome: This credit union was able to save $1,000,000, just by reducing turnover.

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