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Case Study 2

Client: A national insurance company

Client’s Main Concern: How to recruit and retain young producers


  • Assess job criteria
  • Assess top interest areas of qualified young producers
  • Compare criteria to top 3 interest areas of young producers
  • Develop a tight focus of the traits innate to successful producers
  • Reach targeted candidates


Client Observation: The biggest challenge for the insurance company was not in what they had to offer but in actually reaching the targeted candidates and effectively presenting the facts regarding a career in insurance sales.

Outcome: After this company started delivering a clear vision of success that resonated with the right candidates for the job, their sales team grew steadily, along with profits.

Quote from a Satisfied Young Producer:
“The biggest problem I had to overcome was my preconceived notion of insurance sales – it is not a profession that many young people dream about. Once I got beyond that and saw what it actually was, I was sold.”

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