Tools and Advice to Improve Your Hiring Results

John McHugh, Founder and CEO of Winning Workforce, has witnessed hundreds of hiring mistakes that resulted in substantial lost time and money.

Typically this results from hard-working, intelligent business owners and executives implementing common hiring tools in use today. Too bad they aren’t reliable.

FACT: Statistics show that the typical hiring process fails 86% of the time!

Learn how our approach and our tools result in better hires, more job satisfaction, increased retention and higher profitability for employers. 

Five Reasons Why Winning Workforce Helps You Overcome the Odds in Hiring

At Winning Workforce, we help you match the right employee to the right job, the first time. What’s behind our successful track record of working with employers?

  1. Our principal has a 35-year background as an accomplished HR professional.
  2. Multi-disciplinary expertise, including recruitment, employee testing, performance reviews, assessment centers, negotiated labor agreements and much more.
  3. No cookie-cutter fixes. We provide custom-tailored solutions precisely designed for each individual client based on their size, industry and employment needs.
  4. Proven assessment tools that help employers make better decisions.
  5. 20 years of successful client projects with business owners and executives.