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Services Provided by Winning Workforce

Over 35 years in the assessment and selection business, John McHugh has learned that managers in charge of hiring need customized solutions to their “people needs.”

These solutions must be simple, smart and human.

Although our solutions revolve around successful processes, we never lose sight of the fact that within each of those processes are people.

And all of them want to feel fulfilled, confident, happy and appreciated.

This philosophy underlies the approach behind our services. It shapes them. It helps us help you match the right person to the right job, the first time. And keep them!


  • Recruiting and hiring procedures
  • Employee relations, evaluations and growth
  • Morale (employee satisfaction)
  • Turnover rate and ratio
  • Profits as related to turnover

Procedure Implementation

  • Recruiting the right talent, perfectly targeted for the job
  • Employee relations, evaluations and growth
  • Leadership and management training
  • Ongoing coaching to ensure success
  • Employee performance incentive programs
  • Effective tools and technology
  • Effective communication and presentation skills

Added Value Reports and Training

One can be the best manager in the world and hire the best employees in the world. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be conflict. In fact, we can almost guarantee it. That’s why we offer Added Value Reports and Training to help our clients turn conflict into solid, actionable results.

Reports and Training include:

  • Managerial Fit – is a tool to measure critical aspects of compatibility between managers and their employees.
  • Leadership Approach –is a tool designed to illuminate your inherent executive potential and your approach to confronting challenges, while achieving excellence in leadership by predicting how your characteristics will manifest in your behaviors.
  • Team Analysis – is a tool that managers can use to know themselves and know each member of their department with in-depth information to maximize working relationships with each member of your group as individuals and as a cohesive unit.
  • Trainings Include: Developing leadership, presentation and communication skills to engage employees and inspire them to live the vision and act on the mission of the organization.