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John McHugh is an Interview Tutor who works confidentially with owners and executives to expand their adaptive skills and use technology to improve interview outcomes so they hire the right person consistently.

Algorithms and tech won’t help you hire the talent you seek

Technology has broken down the hiring process. Back in the day the hiring process was more structured and formal and mostly confined to entry level positions. People would join an organization and promote up. Today that rarely happens. Back in the day, when people were promoted up hiring managers had a much better idea of [...]

Algorithms and tech won’t help you hire the talent you seek2019-07-30T21:38:21+00:00

Can’t find qualified employees?

Might be your fault— I know that’s hard to read. With over thirty-nine years in the selection business working with hundreds of clients, the most difficult challenge I face is getting business owners and hiring managers to focus on outcomes. If you would like to attract and hire great employees, here are six things. [...]

Can’t find qualified employees?2019-05-22T19:08:19+00:00

“Watch What People Do, Not What They Say”

Why we Believe "Fake News" and "Alternative Facts" We have been hearing and seeing in the news many comments and concerns about “Fake News.” & "Alternative Facts." Many people believe that Donald Trump won the presidential election in part because of "Fake news" stories about Hillary Clinton. If you have been in the employment business [...]

“Watch What People Do, Not What They Say”2017-04-19T17:24:30+00:00

Does Experience Really Matter?

Experience; Does it Really Matter? I was  having dinner with friends and family and discussing  the recent election of Donald Trump when the question came up; does experience really matter?  My response was that experience never matters. I got immediate push back by almost everyone. "Of course experience matters". My reaction was to suggest that [...]

Does Experience Really Matter?2017-01-09T19:51:55+00:00

Hi-Pro Employees

High Failure Rate of Hi-Pro Employees Have you got any Hi-pro employees in your organization?  These are high potential employees—you know—the ones you want to keep around.  They are the ones you are willing to invest your time and money as future leaders.  Problem is that on balance 55% of those tagged as Hi-pro will [...]

Hi-Pro Employees2016-11-17T23:51:46+00:00
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