Testimonials: What  Winning Workforce Clients Say

Zach Mesel, President
Wooden Spoon Technologies

“I am the consummate technician-turned-entrepreneur and, while I’m excellent at the technical aspects of my work, I’ve never held a high opinion of my ability to screen prospective job candidates or make informed decisions about hiring employees.

In the past, the hiring process has been so unnerving I’ve avoided it when at all possible. Working with John McHugh at Winning Workforce has changed that. He recently helped me define a process to attract candidates for the role of Support Desk Technician, screen the candidates according to objective criteria, and use the Step One and PXT Select assessments to help us develop probing interview questions.

This approach allowed me to get a much clearer understanding of the candidates’ capabilities during the interview process, and resulted in a quality hire. Now I am ready to hire more employees, and am already re-using the processes John helped me develop. Needless to say I’m feeling much more confident about my ability to find quality candidates, interview them well, and produce results.”

Lisa Orloff, Executive Director
Rohnert Park Chamber of Commerce

“John McHugh at Winning Workforce was very helpful in getting me to focus on what critical job factors I needed to evaluate in candidates for my Executive Assistant position.

He coached me in how to identify and develop the critical job factors I need for my position and turn those factors into solid interview questions. Additionally, he coached me on how to playback and probe candidate response so that I gained a clear understanding of candidate’s capabilities.

He also coached me on how to use The Step One Survey and the PXT Select™ assessment to help me understand a candidate’s soft skills. With John’s help I now have more confidence in my ability to do effective employment interviews that produce great results.”

Gale Peck, Principal
Iceberg Strategic Creative

“I have had the pleasure of working with John McHugh, the Interview Tutor. I would highly recommend John to anyone who needs to hire an employee.

Most of us give hiring our best shot, hoping for a favorable outcome, but really don’t have all the best strategies for such an important business decision. He’s that missing piece of the puzzle for how to hire just the right employee, the first time!”