About John McHugh and Winning Workforce

John McHugh founded Winning Workforce in 1994 to help business owners and executives match the right person to the right job, the first time. John develops a deep understanding of each client’s business in order to advise, and restructure, if necessary, their employee hiring and management processes. This is his passion.

Growing up, John enjoyed the good fortune of a secure and loving childhood.

“Life seems to stretch infinitely before me, full of dreams and promise. I looked forward to a future that was bright with possibilities and things unfolding as I expected them to.”

However, the tragic and unexpected loss of a parent when he was only nine years old shaped John’s outlook. He began to understand that, regardless of our expectations, being able to make the right choices at the right time is essential to our success in life.

“Every one of us is on a unique journey. To get the most out of life, we must be able to make the best decisions. Cookie-cutter solutions will not do.”

John is energized and fulfilled by working with businesses and the people behind them.

“…Enabling businesses to resolve their very unique challenges with custom-tailored solutions. This led me to my career in Human Resources.”

John McHugh is a PXT Select™ Authorized Partner. He provides PXT Select™ solutions to organizations across North America, and has worked with hundreds of companies, in all shapes and sizes, to show how the right processes will land the right people in the right positions.

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As an “Interview Tutor,” John Helps You Master Interview Skills

John excels at teaching clients how to improve their interviewing skills, including how to avoid 5 Common Interview Mistakes (see video at left):

  1. Failure to prepare
  2. Over-reliance on education and experience
  3. Letting our biases control decision-making
  4. Talking too much and listening too litte
  5. Asking the wrong question while hoping for the right answer

John’s Background

Over the course of 35 years John has performed a full range of human resource assignments, including:

  • Recruitment
  • Employee testing
  • Performance reviews
  • Assessment centers
  • Negotiating labor agreements
  • Representing employers in rights arbitration cases
  • Producing reorganization studies
  • Writing and modifying numerous position descriptions
  • Compiling investigative reports for local, state and federal agencies
  • Developed and orchestrated benchmark compensation studies that included salaries and benefits
  • Managed an employee suggestions rewards program