Technology has broken down the hiring process.

Back in the day the hiring process was more structured and formal and mostly confined to entry level positions. People would join an organization and promote up. Today that rarely happens.

Back in the day, when people were promoted up hiring managers had a much better idea of how a person would fit in the job and could more accurately predict outcomes because they knew the work history. Today as we all know that system has largely broken down. No longer can a person expect to work for the same company for 30 years and retire.

In surveys of CEO’s they claim that their inability to find quality talent is the biggest threat to their businesses. With the advent of technology, the hiring process has given over to electronic processing. According to research by Korn Ferry the global organizational consulting firm, about 40% of companies outsource their recruiting functions to other companies. Most companies have no idea how effective their recruiting is.

In the May-June 2019 issue of Harvard Business Review p. 50 Peter Cappelli shares a Study from the Society for Human Resource Management that revealed businesses will spend $4,129.00 per job in the United States and a lot more for management positions.

Do the Math.

Today businesses hire from the outside, so they don’t have to pay to train and develop their employees. Problem is that businesses seldom get it right according to Psychological Bulletin, Vol. 96, No. 1. p90. Interviews have a 14% success rate when trying to hire good people. Do the math and you will realize that you will send in excess of $28,000 to hire one good employee.

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Job descriptions shared with contractors are not useful for recruiting.

They are not useful in recruiting because they don’t discuss outcomes, they discuss job duties which are not the same. Contractors will very often outsource searching to sub-contractors in the Philippines and India who will comb through job boards and LinkedIn to fine candidates that look like a possible fit.

I have a client whose job description stated “a working knowledge of Excel” the question was at what level? What outcome with Excel did the client really need? Simply a working knowledge of Excel was too broad a statement. We had to refine that statement to accurately share the level of knowledge needed. Contractor are not necessarily going to do that work because they work on volume.

Want to beat the odds?

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